Key benefits

In just a few clicks 10,000 customers use Maileva’s complete hybrid mailroom solution to print and post:

  •  Bulk letters – up to 30,000
  •  Single letters
  •  Personalised letters
  •  Urgent communications
  •  Payslips
  •  Direct mail and advertising campaigns
  •  Invoices
  •  Brand communications from multiple sites

With Maileva you can also send email, fax and SMS messages.


Maileva’s software has allowed us to efficiently distribute our satisfaction surveys which include a Business Reply Envelope, and their friendly staff ensured the set up went very smoothly.” Mark Woodfield, Dorset Fire & Rescue Service


"Thanks to Maileva, we can send thousands of highly personalised documents in C4 envelopes to our customers in the UK and abroad very quickly. A very efficient service, thank you.” Rebecca Lock, Practical Law Company


Sector solutions

Sector solutions

Imagine ...

  • No stuffing envelopes
  • No sticking stamps
  • No franking machines
  • Reduced postage costs
  • Greater productivity.

Maileva can deliver all this and more with an end-to-end printing and postal service, nationally and internationally, for all kinds of businesses and industries:

  • automotive
  • buying departments
  • charities, clubs and associations
  • contact and customer service centres
  • financial
  • HR
  • mail order
  • property
  • public sector
  • publishers
  • restaurants
  • retailers
  • self employed.

The possibilities are endless.

Maileva's value added services are what makes us stand out from the crowd.



Cost and Time Savings

Printing and mailing time savingsSave money. Be more productive.

Maileva can reduce your mailing costs by as much as 50% by performing time-consuming tasks for you mechanically and by sharing the competitive discounts it enjoys on postage through partnerships with Royal Mail and other postal operators.

We act as your mailroom, but with reduced stationery, consumables and energy costs to you.

And there are no fixed costs for using Maileva such as with a staffed mailroom. Just pay as you go. To set up an account so that you can use the Maileva system whenever you need to just call us on 01234 848424 or email and we'll sort out your registration.

Use Maileva's email, fax and SMS facilities in addition to your mailing and improve your response rates and your ROI too.  



Printing and mailing time savings

Time is money – save both.

You produce your master document and, using our fast and efficient machines, Maileva will merge it, digitally print it, stuff the envelopes, mailsort it and post it on the same day* ... while you get on with your own job. Ideal for mailings that need to be delivered in a hurry, like emergency information, debt recovery letters, product recalls, appointment notices, etc.  

*Upload your documents before 1.30pm Monday to Friday to ensure same day postage.





Printing and mailing time savingsTake the guesswork out of your costs.


Online reports provide accurate data on just how much your posted mail is costing you with Maileva, including postage, paper and toner, so no more guesstimates. You can even see who is using the system by user, department or branch, which is why Maileva is so useful for large organisations and those working from multiple sites.  

Maileva’s budgeting and authorisation tools can set limits on postal and even departments’ expenditure, as well as only authorising certain staff to send 1st class or recorded mail.





Printing and mailing time savingsSending options.


Produce your mailing in minutes with Maileva then send:


- 1st class if your mailing is urgent and needs to be delivered within 24 hours
- 2nd class for less urgent mail to arrive in 2 to 3 days – and it's cheaper than Royal Mail's standard business tariff
- Recorded Delivery – a significant advantage of Maileva, and we can also verify the document/s are delivered, not just the envelope
- International postage, because Maileva is part of Europe's second largest postal group with a global network at its fingertips





Printing and mailing time savingsHit the mark with your mailing.

We are just as passionate about wanting your mailing to arrive safely as you are. Maileva uses the leading address management software Satori to clean your address data by correcting wrong addresses and insert missing postcodes where possible.

If any mail is returned, Maileva sends back the data to you in an Excel file, so you can update your system for next time ... or for you to effectively follow up your mailing with Maileva's email, fax and SMS functions.

Maileva can also supply mailing lists in conjunction with one of the UK's leading data suppliers, Selectabase. You can select from over 200 criteria for a targeted mailing, happy in the knowledge that the data is clean and deliverable. In the unlikely event that a mail piece is returned from one of Maileva's lists, both companies offer a rare guarantee – to supply new data, printing, fulfilment and postage FREE of charge.





Printing and mailing time savingsFully accredited archiving.

Save time, effort and space, and still be able to access your documents quickly. Maileva's fully accredited archiving facility stores your encrypted documents securely.






Printing and mailing time savingsEmail, fax or text too.

Maximise direct mailing responses by utilising Maileva's multichannel communications system. Follow up your Maileva mailings with an email, fax or SMS campaign. This system is used to great effect by hospitals and opticians for appointment reminders.



Printing and mailing time savingsTop brands rely on us

Maileva is used by 10,000 organisations across Europe, including brands such as Verizon, Euro Disney, Alliance Healthcare, St John Ambulance and Practical Law Company.



Environmental Benefits

Hybrid mail environmental benefitsImprove your environmental credentials.

Reduce your carbon footprint when you use Maileva's hybrid mail solution. We already enjoy ISO14001 accreditation as a result of the environmental processes we practise. By using Maileva, you can apply this to your own methods and, therefore, to your own ISO14001 certificate:

• save energy – we use high speed printers and machines to produce a high quality job faster

• reduce waste – we use less paper and use FSC paper

• print on digital printers – we use no harmful chemicals in running them, neither do they emit gases into the atmosphere

• reduce trucking miles – instead of lorries collecting post from different locations, they just collect once a day from us because we collate volumes of mail

• save resources – by pre-sorting the mail, we save postal operators having to handle it for a second time.





Managing your Maileva

Hybrid mailing services

Take control.

Stay in control, especially if you are a call centre, a large customer service department or an organisation operating from different sites. You'll need help keeping an eye on the brand and the budget. Maileva's online user management software allows you to set your own user-friendly permissions, such as authorising your colleagues to

• print colour or only black and white, single- or double-sided

• use archiving functions or SMS, email or fax broadcasting

• select 1st class, 2nd class, Registered or Special Delivery postal services.

Maileva hybrid mail solutions are invaluable if you are a travel agency, estate agency, retailer, car dealer, franchise, hospital authority, etc.



Printing and mailing services

Quality controlled.  

As well as having control over what is sent out, the Maileva hybrid mail system also allows you to set up templates to ensure your colleagues meet your brand guidelines. You are also able to monitor user activity via online reports.

Our ISO9001:2008-accredited printing and fulfilment centre, which is also approved by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA),

produces high quality digital print at much faster rates than desktop printers and typical print room machines.





Printing and mailing services

Safe and secure.


Your company data is just as important to us as it is to you. Therefore, we are registered under the Data Protection Act and our hybrid mail IT system is security accredited. It's this added value that makes Maileva stand out from the crowd as a hybrid mail solution.



Mailing House or Maileva?


Office mailing solution

Outsourcing your mailroom is a practical and economical solution to your mailing duties, but deciding whether you need a mailing house to process and send your post or a hybrid mail system such as Maileva, can be something of a minefield.

Both processes have their merits and limitations. Both provide obvious cost and time savings, increase productivity and reduce hassle for those in charge of the mailroom. But mailing house or hybrid mail?

Start by assessing exactly what you are sending, how much and how regularly. From this point, things will fall into place: if it's urgent, ad hoc, between one and 30,000 mail pieces, will print on 90gsm white A4 paper, will fit into a C4 or C5 window envelope and the only insertion is a BRE (business reply envelope), then Maileva hybrid mailing is the answer; if your volumes are larger, demand more complex requirements such as different size, non-windowed or branded envelopes or poly-wrapping, magazine or merchandise insertions, then a mailing house such as Asendia UK fits the bill perfectly.


What is hybrid mail?

Hybrid mail is simply a cross between traditional postal methods and email communications. Just send your personalised documents over the internet for printing and posting.



Outsourcing your mailroom to Maileva's hybrid mail service has undeniable advantages: it saves you time, money and hassle. You can prepare your documents – remember, anything from 1 to 30,000 – and send securely over the internet to Maileva, where they will be printed on state-of-the-art digital printers in colour or black and white, mechanically stuffed in envelopes of your choice (C4 or C5), mail-sorted and sent off the same day*. The minute you hit 'print', you can get on with another task and leave it to us.

The beauty of Maileva is you stay in control. You can set permissions to protect branding and govern spending, especially useful if colleagues are sending documents from other locations. As your mailing is being processed and posted, you can access online progress reports.

You can send as many as 45 sheets in a C4 envelope – that's 90 sides – or six sheets folded in a C5 envelope. With the option of four-colour printing, you can add detailed backgrounds to your documents for promotional mailings, or simply send standard letters and invoices.

For your convenience, Maileva offers flexible technology for processing your documents: Maileva Online processes merged documents as well as unmerged ones with address files; the new Dynamic Folder handles the same in PDF format only; and Maileva Integrated can be set up – with a little help from us and your IT department – to connect directly with your CRM or finance system to send documents to us directly from them. Maileva is a simple solution for sending out invoices, statements, notices, promotional items ... in fact, letters of all kinds.

Maileva also offers fax, email and SMS messaging facilities to send your communications, which provides enormous impact to follow up previous postal communications or to get your message out there in the first place. Targeted mailing lists are also available. Plus – and it's a big plus – Maileva offers address enhancement and will handle returns to help you update your address lists and make sure your mail arrives just where it should.


Asendia – expert mailing house

For all its convenience and benefits, Maileva does have its limitations, especially if your printing and processing requirements are more complex. In such circumstances, you will need an expert mailing house and Asendia offers an efficient and highly skilled end-to-end printing, fulfilment and posting operation:

  • 4 high speed envelope enclosing lines (inserting into DL, C5, and C4 envelopes, plain and printed, and windowed or non-windowed)
  • Cut-sheet and continuous laser printing
  • HP Indigo colour digital press and print finishing equipment
  • 4 Sitma poly-wrapping lines
  • Inkjet addressing
  • 63,000 sq ft pick and pack centre
  • UK postal services
  • International postal solutions.

You can send almost any type of mail, no matter what size or complexity, to any address in the world. Whilst Maileva can send your mailing the same day*, mailing houses like Asendia, however, need a few days to schedule in your mailing and undertake the pre-press and data processing work before your mailing can be fulfilled. In addition, mailing houses don't handle ad hoc or, usually, very small mailings (e.g. under 500 items).

Both Maileva and Asendia's processes – being part of the second largest postal company in Europe – will consolidate your mail with thousands of other pieces they send out daily (4 million pieces of mail a month in fact) from their ISO9001 and ISO14000-accredited mail and fulfilment centres. This makes it cheaper for you to post than your usual mailroom system and franking machine. Maileva and Asendia both offer 1st class, 2nd class, Royal Mail Signed For™ and Special Delivery postal options, as well as an International service.


Made your choice? Give us a call.

So make your choice of Maileva or a mailing house, such as Asendia, based on what your requirements are. Then give us a call.

And if you're still not sure, give us a call anyway - we can help.


Call 01234 84 84 24, email at or register for a FREE trial

Asendia UK
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*Documents must be uploaded to Maileva by 1pm Monday to Friday for same day dispatch.